Idiom: Be on cloud nine

Be on cloud nine

Meaning: to be extremely happy and satisfied

Significado: sentirse extremadamente feliz y satisfecho. Estar en el séptimo cielo

Traducción literal: estar en la nube nueve

Real examples:

Example 1: “The song itself, it shows this guy walking home from his friend’s house, or maybe it’s a girl’s house or whatever, and he’s got this feeling like he’s on cloud nine, like he can do anything. And I love that feeling, and we love the idea, of feeling sort of superpowerful, and that’s I guess the vibe the song gives us.” (From The Big Book of Rock and Roll Names: How Arcade Fire, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana...)

Example 2:When she smiles I forget my lines, when she smiles man I’m on cloud nine” (From the song When she smiles)


Example 3: “It looks like it wasn’t just the groom and his wedding party that leaped for joy at this wedding. Unless this was one very, very big wedding, several of the guests have joined in on the feeling of being on cloud nine, or sky high for the big day.” (From the magazine Best Family Mag).


¿Qué es un “idiom”?

Un “idiom” es una expresión idiomática, es decir, una frase hecha propia de una cultura, que normalmente no puede traducirse de manera literal.

En esta sección verás cada semana un nuevo idiom, con su explicación y ejemplos reales de su uso.


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