Would you like to make your lessons more interactive? Using videos is a fantastic way to practice listening comprehension and to make your students interested. Then you can do a lot of activities based on a video, such as speaking, writing or even reading, learn new vocabulary and practice grammar. And this kind of lesson plan works perfectly for online classes too!

Here you have some free recommendations:

Film English

Film English is a website where you can find a lot of lesson plans based on videos. They are very well explained and some of then are really interesting. You can also use them to promote debate in your classroom and talk about values and other topics.


TED Talks

Ted: Ideas worth spreading is a fantastic website where you can find an infinite number of videos (with or without subtitles) to plan your own lessons. You can also print the transcript in the original language or translated to different languages. Just pick a video that sounds interesting or motivating and use it to teach new vocabulary and practice listening comprehension. You can just ask some questions to your students about the video, or suggest a debate.



TEDed (by TED talks) is a great tool for teachers. You can create your own lessons and share them, or you can use the lessons that other teachers have created. For creating a lesson, you can choose a video from the TED platform or Youtube, or even upload a video from your computer. Then you can manipulate the video, stop it at a specific point, add questions, and lots of options.

Movie segments to assess grammar goals

Movie segments to assess grammar goals is a blog where you can find lesson plans to practice grammar based on movies. This is a fun and challenging way to teach and learn grammar!



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