Idiom: “Turn a blind eye”

Turn a blind eye

Meaning: to pretend not to notice something or ignore it deriberately

Significado: fingir que no te has dado cuenta de algo o ignorarlo de manera deliberada. Hacer la vista gorda

Traducción literal: volver un ojo ciego

Real examples:

Example 1: “They turned a blind eye to my partial uniform, to the fact that my indoor shoes were worn out and should have been replaced, to the fact that I held my pinafore together with a safety pin.” (From the book The Art of Disappearing)

Example 2:  “They would take my towel and soak it in the shower so that I couldn’t dry myself. They hid my clothes and trampled them into the mud. I always hoped that a teacher would see what was going on, but none did or if they did, they turned a blind eye.” (From the book Explaining Colours to a Blind Man)

Example 3:

turn a blind eye example 1


¿Qué es un “idiom”?

Un “idiom” es una expresión idiomática, es decir, una frase hecha propia de una cultura, que normalmente no puede traducirse de manera literal.

En esta sección verás cada semana un nuevo idiom, con su explicación y ejemplos reales de su uso.


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