Idiom: “Let your freak flag fly”

Let your freak flag fly.

Meaning: to show a characteristic that is not common or even strange, but unique, positive and great

Significado: sacar a relucir una característica poco común o incluso rara, pero única, positiva y excepcional

Traducción literal: alza tu bandera de bicho raro

Real examples:

Example 1:

“Let your freak flag wave
Let your freak flag fly
Never take it down, never take it down
Raise it way up high
Let your freak flag fly, let it fly, fly, fly.”

(From Shrek: The Musical, Freak Flag Lyrics)

Example 2: “I’m gonna wave my freak flag high” (From the song If 6 was 9, by Jimi Hnedrix)


Example 3:



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