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Thanksgiving activities

Thanksgiving vocabulary THE HISTORY OF THANKSGIVING Thanksgiving is an important celebration in the United States, in which families and friends cook and share a great meal. Turkey is the star of the menu, and other typical dishes are mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Volunteering is a common activity at Thanksgiving, and people organize…


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Idiom: “Let your freak flag fly”

Let your freak flag fly. Meaning: to show a characteristic that is not common or even strange, but unique, positive and great Significado: sacar a relucir una característica poco común o incluso rara, pero única, positiva y excepcional Traducción literal: alza tu bandera de bicho raro Real examples: Example 1: “Let your freak flag wave Let…


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Learning to read and write with Jolly Phonics

In It’s a piece of cake we use Jolly Phonics to teach children aged  5 to 8.  and     Jolly Phonics is a child centred approach to teaching writing and reading skills, developped by UK teachers. Children learn the 42 letter sounds in a specific order, not alphabetically, so they are able to build words easier and faster….


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Idiom: “Pull a rabbit out of a hat”

Pull a rabbit out of a hat Meaning: To do something unexpected that may have seemed impossible; to get magical results. Significado: Realizar una proeza, lograr lo imposible. Traducción literal: Sacar un conejo de un sombrero. Real examples: Example 1: “Given that books are still (unless Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have pulled a rabbit out…

Dyslexia in the English as a foreign language classroom

DYSLEXIA, WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Dyslexia is a reading disability caused by a defect in the brain’s processing of graphic symbols, but it is not an illness and it is not rare. A lot of people have dyslexia, and not only children. Many kids with dyslexia worry that there is something wrong with them, they can…

Grammatical Awareness Activities

1. Colour parsing Language: Present Simple/ general questions Materials: coloured chalk, coloured pencils Time: 20-30 min Four colours are needed: red for verbs (‘like’, ’love’, ’hate’); blue for subject pronouns (‘I’, ’you’, ’she’, ’he’, ’etc’.); yellow for auxiliary verbs (‘do’, ‘does’) and green for nouns for food (‘pizza’, ‘coffee’, ‘tea’, ‘bananas’, ‘tomatoes’). The teacher divides…

Orthographic Awareness Activities

1. Magic “e” The teacher draws a chart on the board with the words ‘mad’, ‘win’, ‘hop’ and ‘cut’ on the first column. The teacher and the students read the words together, paying attention to the vowel sounds. Then the teacher asks the students to write these words again adding the ‘e’ at the end…

Activities for Developing Phonological Awareness and the awareness of sound-letter relations

1. Segmenting compound words and sentences into words.  The students say ‘toothbrush’ without a ‘tooth’; ‘rainbow’ without ‘bow’, ‘girlfriend’ without ‘girl’. The students listen to the teacher reading a sentence and place a marker from the left to the right for each word heard. The     fat        cat      is         on        the      mat  …

Idiom: “Go the extra mile”

Go the extra mile Meaning: To make a special effort or to try very hard to achieve your goal. Significado: Ir a por todas, superar los límites. Traducción literal: Correr la milla extra. Real examples: Example 1: “… why should I go the extra mile for a management that doesn’t respect me?” (From the book Moral Intelligence: Enhancing Business…

Idiom: “It’s boiling hot!”

It’s boiling hot!   Meaning: It is used to talk about the weather when it is very hot, but also to say that something is too hot (for example, some coffee). Significado: Hace un calor espantoso.  Traducción literal: ¡Está hirviendo! Real examples: Example 1: “some of our callers claim it’s always raining in Glasgow but it’s boiling hot…


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Idiom: “When pigs fly”

When pigs fly Meaning: Something that will never happen Significado: Algo que nunca sucederá Traducción literal: Cuando los cerdos vuelen Real examples: Example 1: “«Maybe you’ll understand when pigs fly,» he said, offending Miss Thornburgh, who thought he was questioning her intelligence.” (From the book No Sleep Till Deadtown) Example 2: Example 3:      

Idiom: You rock!

You rock Meaning: You are great Significado: Eres genial (Eres la caña; molas) Traducción literal:Te sacudes; te balanceas   Real examples: Example 1: «After their visit, when they arrived back home in the States, Lucy reported great-grandson Peter’s parting words: “Grandma, you rock! Can you come again?”» (From the book Grandma, You Rock!: And Other Great Stories…

Rhythm and rhyme

Author: Rebecca Place  Rebecca Place is a teacher of Young Learners at the British Council in Bilbao. She has trained teachers in Synthetic Phonics and has spoken about rhythm and rhyme at various Macmillan Teachers’ Days around Spain. In this article Rebecca discusses how chants, rhymes and songs can help to develop young learners’ communicative…

Idiom: It’s raining cats and dogs

It’s raining cats and dogs Meaning: It’s raining heavily Significado: Está lloviendo mucho (Llueve a mares) Traducción literal: Están lloviendo gatos y perros   Real examples: Example 1: “Alicia was feeling bored. It was raining cats and dogs outside, and her elder sister Edith was impersonating Adult Edith, her nose deep in some ever-so-dry treatise on…

Idiom: “It’s a piece of cake”

¿Qué es un “idiom”? Un “idiom” es una expresión idiomática, es decir, una frase hecha propia de una cultura, que normalmente no puede traducirse de manera literal, ni deducirse su significado aunque se conozca el significado individual de cada palabra que lo compone. What’s an idiom? An idiom is a phrase or group of words…